We are researchers searching for answers to some of the oldest questions in history.  What happens after we or our loved ones pass away? Are our loved ones still with us? We search for scientific evidence to prove or disprove any paranormal activity.

The Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society is a group that was originally started by three friends who were interested in studying and interpreting paranormal activity, supernatural entities, and supernatural occurrences. Over the years we have evolved from hobbyists who would explore in our free time, into a solid group of professionals that approach each investigation very seriously. 

We do not charge a fee for our investigations. We feel that people should simply have the information they need regarding any paranormal activity that may be taking place around them. We do offer some merchandise for purchase in our store, as well as accept donations to help offset costs we incur to do the investigations. 

We not only bring professionalism and experience into the investigation, but above all we respect the privacy and special requests of our clients. Before we accept your case we want to sit down and discuss what is important to you, what is involved, what your desired outcome is, and assess the comfort level of both you and our team so that we are able to work together efficiently and effectively. 

Our team members are extensively vetted and thoroughly trained prior to being assigned to your case.  We do not permit hobbyists or other simply curious people to attend the investigation. We are respectful of the property and personal belongings while we are on site. 

Once our investigation is complete we will sit down with you and share our findings. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable since it may involve bringing up some memories or information that can be disturbing. We will provide you with a copy of our investigative results and any recorded evidence if you wish to receive them. The conclusion of an investigation many times is not the end of our relationship. We are always available to answer any additional questions or come back to re-investigate if the situation presents itself. 

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