Our approach to conducting an investigation is highly advanced and we use some of the latest technology to conduct our investigations. You can read about some of the technology we employ below. 

Just as important as the equipment used is our experience. Our team has amassed over 20 years combined experience in reaching out to the supernatural. We have experience in virtually all types of paranormal activity and drawing on that experience gives us a significant advantage when it comes to discovering what type of activity you may be experiencing. 

Coupling our broad experience with technology gives us the ability to discover and interpret activity quickly and accurately. 

EVP’s – These are known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon. They are electronically generated noises that can resemble speech or communication but are not the result of intentional recordings or renderings. Common sources of EVP include radio static, background noise or other forms of radio transmission. It is believed that spirits or entities are familiar with using this type of communication. It takes trained professionals to be able detect and interpret these signals. They are detected with advanced audio recorders. We then use special software to filter out the noise to better hear what was recorded. 

K2 Meter – Generally size of a television remote, K2 Meters detect electromagnetic fields, or EMF, measuring them with a LED array that moves from green to red depending on their strength. Designed to locate potentially harmful EMF radiation from nearby power lines or household appliances, the range in which these operate  has been found to be especially useful in detecting spirits and other supernatural entities.  We have found the spirits can manipulate them to answer basic yes and no questions.

Spirit Box – It is a great compact tool for attempting to communicate with entities. Radio frequencies are swept to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. You may be able to hear voices or other sounds coming through the static when they try to communicate. 

Cameras – Adapted higher end cameras will record movement and sound and not disrupt electromagnetic fields like a smartphone could. We use cameras that have settings that allow us to record in night vision and to switch easily to detect images in the infrared spectrum (also known as thermal imaging). 

Infrared Thermometer – A regular thermometer can measure the temperature in a given environment. An infrared thermometer however can take the temp of specific object with a laser. They’re very useful  for detecting cold spots in a potentially active supernatural area, where investigators pinpoint the signs of otherwise invisible entities. 

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