We have assembled an amazing team. We accept only those who meet our strict criteria for excellence, professionalism, and high moral and ethical character. We are proud to introduce the team we have. 

Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society – Photo taken at Madison Seminary 2022

Dale Vokurka/Founder and EVP Specialist

As a child, Dale was fascinated with anything paranormal related and experienced many strange occurrences. He began watching TV shows like sightings with Tim White and the Outer Limits and over the years that passed, he began to research paranormal and historical stories. Learning historical records, myths and stories, Dale and  two friends, Keith & William, decided to create a paranormal team in 2007 to research,  document and explain paranormal activities. In 2014 Keith and William decided to go on their own separate journeys, so Dale has assembled a team to continue the research known as EVP Research.


Mary Vokurka – Co-Founder/Medium

I have been exposed to the paranormal since I was a young child. I was born with an ability to communicate with the deceased. As a child, I was afraid of my ability. Often times feeling overwhelmed and unable to control the volume, I eventually turned my abilities off as a teenager. I met my husband in 2006 and we started talking about the paranormal and watching ghost shows. Eventually he formed MOPRS in 2007 with his two best friends at the time. I was too scared to join for fear of my abilities coming back full force, but eventually I did join in 2008. The deceased slowly made their way back into my life, but through the help of a former team member (who is now deceased) with similar abilities, she helped me to tune into mine again at a more manageable pace. She helped me to learn how to control appropriate timing of when it’s OK to listen and I am grateful for the guidance. She’s still helping me from the other side! I have been able to use my abilities on many of the cases we have done with MOPRS. This has helped our team obtain EVP evidence corroborating what I “see.” Unfortunately, part of my abilities is having demon radar. Downfall of a gift from God. But I am happy to be able to use my gifts to help shed light on the issues that the families we serve endure. It helps to bring some answers and hopefully some closure to both the living and the dead. 

Billy Rodriguez/Lead Investigator

Having a background in audio/video as well as being a historical researcher on locations and interviewing clients, Billy was first intrigued by the paranormal after learning about electronic voice phenomena (EVP) as well as having his first paranormal group in 2007 with friends in the NY/NJ area where he traveled to domestic locations rumored to be haunted in search of evidence proving the existence of the supernatural. Billy is currently part of a paranormal team with friends Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society (MOPRS) where he serves as one of the lead investigators for the group. Billy enjoys learning as much as possible about the paranormal. Billy also enjoys working out, spending time with his daughter as well as friends and family. Billy currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.


Dale Young/Investigator and Researcher

Dale Young is an investigator and historical researcher for MOPRS.  I have been interested in science fiction and the unexplained for many years.  I started off watching the ghost shows on TV and it intrigued me.  When you consider that as humans, we can only see and hear a specific frequency length and spectrum of vision and color, it makes you wonder what is truly around us.  In my training, I got the opportunity to hear residual and interactive EVPs from digital recorders and spirit boxes and I was hooked.  The last few years I got involved in researching homes and properties.  In some cases, I am able to track back the previous owners to the 1850’s and learn so many intriguing things about the previous owners.  I have always been fascinated about history but being a paranormal investigator, I am sometimes able to actually interact with history.  Conducting the research prior to the case, becomes a valuable tool for me when I am investigating a case. One particular case stands out for me – we picked up the name Catherine.  Turns out that we were able to determine who Catherine was, track her back to where she is buried today and learn not only about her family but of the tragic demise of her husband.  My future goals include learning more about paranormal forensic investigations.

Juli Raphael/Investigator

My interest in the paranormal began at an early age due to several personal experiences in our family home. I began investigating with my sister, Gail, about 10 years ago. Several of the locations we investigated gave us great EVP and physical evidence making us want to learn as much as possible. I joined MOPRS in early 2022 to explore, observe and learn with and from others who share the same passion as myself.  Working in a group can be very beneficial as different perspectives are helpful. In a group, people can see, hear and feel different things and can validate or debunk what is or may be happening. The evidence we obtain and have obtained this far, is what drives me to continue.

Gail Raphael-Bowen/Investigator

The paranormal activity in my childhood home is what started my interest in searching for answers with my sister, Juli. We began investigating about 10 years ago, traveling to many locations which turned up a great deal of EVP and physical evidence. In early 2022 I along with my sister, joined MOPRS. Working in a group is a great way to validate any evidence obtained at a location. Each person has different suggestions, methods and ideas which is a great way to learn and obtain evidence that may not have been previously considered.

Morgan Ross/Investigator

I have always had an interest in the paranormal. When I was a child, I had a few instances happen to me that I couldn’t explain. From hearing footsteps to seeing apparitions I knew something was trying to get my attention. As I grew older, I became hooked to TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures looking for answers and hoping one day I could investigate myself. In 2020 I joined Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society and I have been able to make that childhood dream a reality. Since joining M.O.P.R.S I have learned from my fellow teammates as well as experimenting with new technology and techniques. When I’m not investigating, I enjoy reading, watching sports and WWE, spending time with my family, friends and my cat.

Felicia Moorman/Investigator

Felicia is new to the paranormal scene, with only being a part of MOPRS for about a year or so (started 2022). She has always been fascinated with the after life and the history of places and people. Demonology and folklore of the past of things has always been intriguing and with being a part of this team, she has learned so much and has discovered how being an empath is very much a vessel to those on the other side.

Stefanie Rodriguez/Investigator

Stefanie joined the MOPRS crew in early 2022.

We welcome those who are interested in joining our team to visit our Membership page. There you will find information on our application process and what it takes to become a paranormal investigator with MOPRS. 

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